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Membership for cerebral_palsy is moderated.  Once you have requested to join, your approval is based on one of the following:

1) You have a journal on LJ that is at least a month old.  With content. If your journal is "friends only" please see number 2.
2) Barring that, you can choose to post a comment here telling me why you would like to join the community.  All comments on this post are screened. 

Membership will be approved once one of these two conditions are met (if appropriate).

Should you so choose, you can also email the mod at a_dawn@livejournal.com

I apologize for the inconvenience, but due to spam and general trolling it has become necessary.

Thank you!

A community for all of us who have Cerebral Palsy or have someone we love with CP.
THis should be a place to talk about CP issues, or just to talk about anything with other people who understand this aspect of your life!

What is CP?
Cerebral palsy refers to a group of conditions that affect control of movement and posture. Due to damage to one or more parts of the brain that control movement, an affected [person] cannot move his or her muscles normally. While symptoms range from mild to severe, the condition does not get worse as the [person] gets older. With treatment, most [person] can significantly improve their abilities. - Cerebral Palsy Fact Sheet

General Info/Resources

General Info/Resources
Cerebral Palsy: A guide for Care

The Cerebral Palsy Network

Info for Friends/Relatives

Assistive Technology (These are random, I am not officially endorsing any of them. If you have sites you use to purchase Assistive Tech, email me and I'll add it)